I've worked in the design industry for the past eight years, and lets just say I love it. I attended Mount Royal University where I graduated with an Applied Bachelors Degree, studying graphic design in the communications department. With my education I've worked with both large corporations and small start up companies, where i've worked on magazines, developed identities, and designed and ran promotional campaigns. I love to learn new things especially if they have a creative aspect to them, last year I took some floral design classes, learning how to trim and compose a flower arrangement. I'm currently studying at Mount Royal again to enhance my knowledge in digital content creation with classes about social media strategy and social analytics and optimization. The marketing world is always changing and companies need to keep adapting to stay ahead in the market.

I have a passion for photography as well, though I don't seem to find as much time as i'd like to get out and take photos, when I can its so nice to see how a photo can come together with the right lighting and composition. With my work at Creative Restaurants I do the social media at Bonterra Trattoria, this means I get to spend a lot of time with food photography, people love to see what is coming out of the kitchen. So I take photos of features, cocktails and menu items that I post across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, this attracts new and returning customers and lets me have some fun taking photos.  

Please feel free to contact me for any design needs. I am available to do freelance/contract work, and am always interested in other potential business opportunities within the design industry.

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